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Pick Four LED Lights
Nov 12, 2016

First step LED lamp's packaging. National packaging requirements for LED lights, you must mark the rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power and voltage range. Second step watching the LED lamp. Products with many of the LED lamp to watch, good uniformity of quality manufacturers, without tube surface is not flat, and so on. High quality LED light slopes of the interface with the spiral, is easy to install to prevent installation electric shock, and some lower quality interface round LED lamp, there are security risks. Step study temperature. LED lights electric seat for a few minutes, LED lamp the temperature rise more slowly in General, touch the lower temperatures, if the high temperature will affect the life of LED lamps, do not buy. The fourth step, testing. When the LED lights work, turn on the radio, on LED lamps near the lower the noise from radio, indicating LED lights the better the quality.

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