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LED Tube Application
May 11, 2017

LED tube lights, featured saving money, green lighting and long life, are designed to replace fluorescent tubes. There is T5, T8, T10 or T12 LED tubes with 300mm 600mm 1200mm and 1500mm length in accordance with traditional CFL tubes length, that is intended to be a perfectly replacement into existing fixtures. Most LED tubes generally require rewiring of the fixtures to remove the ballast. Others require fits suitable external LED driver to ensure it working, like external driver glass T5 LED tube. An LED tube lamp generally uses many individual Surface-Mounted LEDs which are directional and require proper orientation during installation as opposed to Fluorescent tube lamps which emit light in all directions around the tube.

As an energy-saving lighting product, LED tubes is mostly applied in long time light area, like supermarket, school, hospital, factory, office, etc.

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