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The main difference between HID and halogen lamps
Nov 12, 2016

The main differences between Xenon and halogen lamps, the former by gas ionization light, which heats the tungsten filament glow. Although the luminous arc Xenon lamp with halogen tungsten wire lengths diameters, but 3 times times more luminous efficiency and brightness. Because there is no filament, no defects of the traditional lamp prone to brittle fracture, life expectancy increased by nearly 10 times. According to tests, a 35-Watt Xenon light source produces 55 Watt halogen lights 3 times times the luminous flux, used with the automobile's life Almost. Therefore, install Xenon lamp that will not only reduce energy consumption, has also been a corresponding increase in vehicle performance, more environmental protection and energy saving contribution to the bustling city, Xenon lights replace halogen lamps will be the trend of the development of vehicles.

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