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The advantages of LED light sources
Nov 12, 2016

No glass on the structure of 1.LED in the shell, don't have to incandescent or fluorescent light tube vacuum or into a specific gas, earthquake resistance, good impact resistance, brings to all aspects of production, transportation and use of facilities. 2.LED component can be very small in size, easier for the layout and design of facilities. 3.LED high concentration of light energy, focuses on smaller wavelength window, high purity. 4.LED the long service life of components, generally between 50,000-100,000 hours, even for frequent switching, will not affect the service life. 5.LED response time is very fast, at the micro level. 6.LED light directivity is very strong, much lower brightness degradation than traditional light sources. 7.LED in the production process do not add "Mercury", and are environmentally friendly. 8.LED use low voltage DC electric drive on the lower use of environmental requirements.

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