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LED lamp quality and power relationships
Nov 12, 2016

Because of the particularity of LED manufacturing, leading to different manufacturers and even the same manufacturer in the same batch produced by the LED current and voltage characteristics have great individual differences. In typical specifications of high power 1W white LED, for example, in accordance with the current and voltage of the LED changes to do a brief description, General 1W white application are to voltage for 3.0-3.6V around, that is, dang standard called 1W of LED in through 350 mA current Shi, it ends of voltage may in 3.1V, also may in 3.2V or 3.5V also may is other value, for guarantee 1WLED of life, General LED production manufacturers recommends lamps factory with 350mA of current to drive, dang through LED ends of are to current reached 350 Ma Hou, LED ends of are to voltage is small of increased, will makes LED are to current significantly of rose, makes LED temperature into line rose, to accelerated LED light failure, makes LED of life Life shortening, when burned out LED.

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