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LED chip life test
Nov 12, 2016

As electronic components, glow diode (Light Emitting Diode-LED) has appeared more than 40 years, but long yilai, by glow efficiency and brightness of limit, only for led by used, until Shang century breakthrough has technology bottleneck, production out high brightness efficient of LED and blue light LED, makes its application range extended to lights, and city night engineering, and Quan Caiping,, provides has as lighting light of possibilities. With the increase of LED applications, improve the reliability of LED is of more significance. LED has high reliability and long life of advantages, in actual production development process in the, need through life test on LED chip of reliability level for evaluation, and through quality feedback to improve LED chip of reliability level, to guarantee LED chip quality, for our in achieved full color LED industrialization of while, development has LED chip life test of conditions, and method, and means and device,, to improve life test of scientific and results of accuracy.

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