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High power LED Street lamp specifications
Nov 12, 2016

High power LED Street lamp as the name suggests is more than more than 30 watts of power, with new LED semiconductor lamp lighting. Now standard LED lights are generally surface illuminance uniformity (uniformity of road surfaceilluminance) average illuminance of 0.48. Spot ratio 1:2, road illumination. (The actual Center for 1/2 the Center spot to reach 25LUX,1/4 reach 15LUX,16 meters far from the minimum light intensity light intensity 4LUX, overlapping intensity 6LUX. Market Street lamp lens material for improvement of optical material, permeability ≥ 93%, temperature -38-+90 degrees, anti-UV ultraviolet ' blanching is 30,000 hours no change and so on. In its new urban lighting has a lot of applications. Dimming of depth and color and other characteristics will not change because of the dimmer. Solar LED Street lamp refers to the silicon solar panels for power supply LED street lights.

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