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Energy-saving lamp install Essentials
Nov 12, 2016

1, ventilation is good. Energy-saving lamps will be room temperature affect the operation, temperature too high luminosity will be decreased, and triggers the ignition procedure may have difficulties. Therefore, avoid installing it in the enclosed area, lighting, shade should be well ventilated to avoid temperature continued to rise due to heat distribution, good effect energy-saving performance. 2, do not exceed lamp bulb weight load. Energy-saving lamp (especially the older inductive) than tungsten lamp large heavy, so to switch to energy-saving lamps to pay attention in conjunction with dimensions lamp or lighting. Also pay attention to the lamp, especially multi-bulb lighting, and can support the weight of the bulb. 3, due to the different working principles, cannot be directly used for energy-saving lamps incandescent lamps dimmable lighting systems (such as dimming, etc). In addition pay particular attention is that when installing energy-saving lamps, do not hold the lamp, so as not to cause damage.

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