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About LED glue common problems and solutions
Nov 12, 2016

First, LED yellow. Reason: 1, baking temperature is too high or too long; 2, gum ratio right, a plastic easy yellow. Address: 1, AB glue curing mold in 120-140/30 minutes, more than 150 degree baking-yellowing for a long time. 2, AB glue/120-130 degrees 30-40 mins solidify release over 150 degrees or baking-yellowing for a long time. 3, when doing a large lamp, to lower the temperature. Second, LED the bubble problem. Reason 1. Bowl bubbles: poor brackets dipped in glue. 2. support bubbles: curing temperature is too high, epoxy curing too violent. 3. cracked plastic, flat top: a short curing time, incomplete or uneven curing of epoxy resin. AB glue out of time can be used. 4. bubble lamp surface: Epoxy use vacuum deaeration difficulties exist, or the user is not enough gum for too long. Solution: depending on the situation, improve the process or contact the epoxy supplier.

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